About Us

Our dog shelter has been operating for a few year now thanks to the overwhelming support of our sponsors and volunteers. Without your help, we will not be here saving thousands of dogs in a yearly basis.

We started as a group of few passionate individuals who love their dogs so much. We saw how there is an increasing number of abused and abandoned dogs that’s why we decided to take an action. Thankfully, there are so many people who also heed the call in supporting our vision. Now, we are slowly expanding and our operations are becoming more streamlined.

Table of Contents

What We Do

We rescue dogs from their miserable situations. Once we receive a report or a complaint, our team will go to the place in question and observe the situation. We investigate first if their is truth in the report. If there’s none, we just move on to the next case. If there is a basis, then we do our rescue activities in partnership with the local authorities.

After that, we nourish those dogs back to health. We try to get them the best care possible form expert veterinarians so they can be healthy again. Once they are healthy again, we can now put them up for adoption.

Our team has a dedicated member who will process all adoption requests. We don’t just give away our rescued dogs to random strangers. We always do our do diligence including home visits and background checks. In this way, we are assured that they are safe and they have a loving home.