What Are The Types of Dogs in The Shelter?

In our many years of rescuing dogs from their dire situation, we were able to interact with almost all of the breeds of dogs imaginable. For us, it gives us great pleasure seeing them get back to being healthy and happy. If you are interested in adopting one, you should know the types of dogs that we normally rescue.

We don’t classify them per breed. We classify them based on their profile just like in those dating sites.

Guard Dogsguard dog

These are the types of dogs that are medium to large in size. They look quite scary at the first glance but most of the time, they are the sweetest type of dogs you can have. They usually have loud barks and they tend to bark at anyone who will enter their space. They were trained that way because they were mostly used to stand as guards.

Companion Dogs

These are small to medium dogs used by their previous owners to accompany them. They are very obedient and just the sweetest. They can be territorial especially when walking outside. But they won’t do anything harsh unless something provoked them.

Most of these dogs were abandoned especially when the person they are accompanying already died or moved to another place. You can see in them the longing of being pet by their owners that’s why they tend to be overly sweet when interacting with potential adopters.

Toy Dogs

These are the cute dogs that are meant for display. They are usually small in size so the owners can easily bring them wherever they want to go. The thing with these toy dogs is they used to be spoiled by their owners. But for some reason, they were abandoned.

toy dogs


We call the majority of our dogs survivors because they survived a harsh environment before we saved them. Most of these dogs were almost dying, and were infested by different lice and hair mites. But we did our best to transform them back to their original gorgeous look.

Most of them also have visible scars. While others might be afraid, we have a number of adopters who took the challenge of raising these dogs because they know, they deserve a second love.