Why Dogs Are Considered as Man’s Best Friend?


We all know it. When we are talking about dogs, we know that they are our best friend. We’ve heard a lot of touching stories about deep relationships between dogs and their owners. And we know how heartbreaking it is whenever an owner loses a dog. But what is really the reason why they are considered our best friend?

They Are Extremely Sweet Creatures

I love my dogs because they provide me comfort and companionship. Normally when I get home, all my dogs are so excited on the door waiting for me to get in. the moment I open the door, they will jump to me as if trying to hug me.

That right there immediately takes off all the stress that I had from work. I am no longer tired because they made me feel the warmth of my home. They are not just my first, my second love, they’re my love forever.

They Are Highly Trainabledog

I also love the fact that you can train them to do specific things. My dogs are trained to wake me up whenever someone is at the door. So I know that I am safe when they’re not running to me when I’m sleeping. Also, they are trained to chase away cockroaches and mouse, two of the things I am extremely scared of.

They Are Good with Everyone Including Children

They can plan with almost anyone including children. I love it whenever I see my dogs play with my kids and my nephews because they really give them the love that I felt when they’re around me. I like that they are treating them like me, very protective and caring. They are so good they can even go on a dating site and girls will fall in love to them.

Contrary to what other parents feel, they are not scary. They don’t attack people unless they are provoked.


They Are Extremely Loyal

I think this is the most important reason. They are extremely loyal to a fault. They will not leave their owners even if the owners are abusing them. They won’t even fight back. That is why, as a dog owner, I am also extremely loyal to my dog. I will do everything to take care of them and give them the life they deserve.