Why You Should Adopt a Dog?

In our shelter, we have been doing a lot of information drive to encourage people to adopt a dog today. As much as possible, we don’t let our rescued dogs to stay in our shelter for too long or else, they will be euthanized by the government as prescribed by law (since we also don’t have enough resources to keep every single dog that we save). We also make sure that there is a fit before adoption, just like in dating sites.

If you are still not convinced on why you should adopt a dog, we have listed the following reasons.


Your Are Saving A Life

By adopting a dog, you are saving one precious life from being euthanized. We only have a four-month window whenever we put a dog up for adoption. Then, we will have to turn-over them to the proper authorities so they can deal with them. It breaks our hearts whenever this happens that’s why we avoid it as much as possible.

You’ll Get A Great Animal

All of these dogs are saved from either abusive homes or they were left alone. But they’re amazing pets. They just needed a new family to love them. Since they have experienced hardships, they will do their best to satisfy their new family.

It Will Cost You Lessdog beach

It’s a no-brainer. Adopting a dog is cheaper than buying a pup. You already have a fully grown dog and at the same time, we provide assistance on check-ups and shots so you can save a lot of money by adopting instead.

Your Are Doing Our Shelter A Great Service

Yes, when you adopt, you are helping our shelter to do its job. You are helping us to save money so we can continue with our jobs, saving the dogs. With that, you’ll be assured that we are here to stay in the years to come to save dogs from their miserable situations.

You’ll Change The World

For that one dog that you adopt, it will mean the whole world to him. And that difference that you made is something that is priceless. There’s nothing in this world that can top that happiness knowing that you saved a dog’s life from misery. That you became their second love.